Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Legacy of Distrust:

I am a Soviet Citizen and I believe that the Americans caused all of the distrust during the Cold War. They built the Atomic Bomb so we had to scramble and build one just to ensure the safety of our Nation during this dispute between our Nations. The Soviets are the better than the Americans because those Americans are disgraces. They are so Anti-Communist it makes me sick. They are trying to destroy our Nation by stopping the spread of Communism. I as a Soviet Citizen would like to see Communism spread throughout the world. China has already became a Communist Nation. If only Americans would see how we see that Communism is a good thing. But it is hard to do when those Americans are to dumb to see it. The Americans wanted to destroy our country and once we knew this our Nation was so scared that the Americans were going to drop an Atomic Bomb on us. But it was all at a standstill. It is very sad to say that the Americans could not see what they were doing by puting our nation in complete fear of destruction. Our Nation could not take anymore deathes after the Second World War considering that we lost the most people. And we were put into a difficult situation with the Americans and how they made us feel threatened with their bomb. The Americans are disgraceful people.

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Aaron's History 201/202 Blog said...

The whole thing regarding the atomic bomb is that without our production of it, YOU wouldn’t have been able to produce it. Your spies sent to retrieve information is the only thing that got you any further then the idea of it. Communist parties fail in many different ways, mostly by taking away almost all of the citizen’s natural rights and ruins any hope of individual prosperity. The Cold War wouldn’t of even gone into affect hadn’t the attitude and power hungry communist politicians settled for second, which they are now.