Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Babyboomer Interview (10 questions)

Name: Pamela Hargett

Q: Name the biggest experience that your family faced during the 50s.
A: It was probaly me being born.

Q:How did the experience effect your family's life?

A: I'm not really sure.

Q:Give me a national event that you remember from the 60s' that had an impact on your family.

A: It would have to be when our school had first integrated.

Q:Where did you live in the 60s'?

A: Fountain Inn, SC

Q:How was civil rights portrayed there?

A: Everyone pretty much got along and people didn't really judge one another.

Q:How did your family view civil rights during this time?

A: We were for civil rights. Our family had gotten along with anybody.

Q:What was the big change for you from the 60s' to the 70s'?

A: Honestly, I think music and fashion style was a big change.

Q:In your opinion what was the most influential thing on people in the 70s'?

A: Drugs

Q:What was one of your experiences from the 70s?

A: Getting married.

Q:What would be the most important thing to remember from the 50s, 60s, and 70s?

A: I'm not sure, we were country kids who didn't get to know much about world events during this time.


lilia said...

i really liked your layout it made everything flow..is she family to you...over all good job..

Merkz said...

My Aunt was da same way about da integration deal. She was born n da country 2, n she said things really werent that bad.

Nice Interview, Sry bout the cowboys..